Schneider Electric in partnership with Marathon de Paris works with Livelihoods to an approach to climate change solidarity. (*a universal cause which demands greater equity in terms of climate change and its effects) The proceeds of this event are used for the Hifadhi project, which consists of equipping families with more efficient wood-burning ovens, reducing their wood consumption by 60%.
The problem is that the project was somewhat hidden and needed to be publicized as the public isn’t aware of the women empowerment project in rural Embu, to curb carbon emission affecting climate change. The project guarantees women in the area are given energy saving cooking stoves which are also eco-friendly.

Addleston made a media tour plan and used media relations by writing and publicizing press releases, scheduling media interviews for the CEO who had an opportunity to clearly explain to the general some of the wonderful projects such as Hifadhi to help curb Climate change as well educate the public on rural women empowerment. We were able to physically visit and experience the project an experience Addleston made sure the public was informed through broadcast media blogs, TV news as well as radio. Shneider in itself gained positive publicity through the following media (KTN ,CTGN, KBC,K24, Inooro Tv, Capital FM , Standard Newspaper, Daily Nation and Business Daily). The company was able to drive its key agenda as being a global specialist in power management keeping the environment in mind!