The United Nations On Drugs and Crime Conference



The UNODC subcontracted Addleston Marketing and PR to handle the Public Relations piece for the inaugural UNODC conference. The Conference was a resounding success attended by ambassadors and Global youth representatives to the United Nations covering all 47 counties, to engage in dialogue and create solutions on anti-corruption. Pre, during and post event PR activities were an important contributor to the success of the conference. This report describes in detail the activities Addleston Marketing undertook, the media houses engaged as well as the publicity that the conference garnered.

Addleston formulated and pitched story ideas resulting in positive media coverage for the UNODC Conference, inspiring over 100 youth ambassadors from the 47 counties in Kenya to participate, painting the UNODC office in good light while creating awareness of the important role that regulation and compliance play in ensuring a productive nation.

The Conference was a resounding success attracting over 100 youth ambassadors from the 47 counties in Kenya to participate in the fight against Drugs, Crime and Corruption.
The impact of the event was as follows:

  • It received generate sustained and quality media coverage in target local and international media.
  • The benefits of UNODC regulation and compliance and its relevance among target audience was executed.
  • It was able to extend its reach to target groups including government, private sector, practioners and the general public
    Brand awareness of UNODC and other sponsors activities to local community were evident.